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Browns bakery

Brown's was established to deliver quality, whole wheat breads, something there was clearly a dearth of back in 2017. I remember back then, since I loved Lebanese food, even something as simple as Pita bread wasn't available. The other sliced daily breads that were available in the market, smelled of preservatives and bled off added brown colour.

We started with a belief of only giving out honest produce using honest and best ingredients possible. Using no preservatives, no colours, healthier substitutes of sugars & much more but That meant having to sell things at a price much higher than the market, because Honest & Best is never cheap. We were repeatedly told we would fail, people don't want quality here, they want cheap, but we stayed our course and here we are today, where our breads, cookies, cakes, food has become a benchmark in the city and wherever they have travelled to. And It's not like we didn't faulted, we did, so many times, but we always apologised with our hearts & tried again and again. We are just tremendously grateful to all the lovely patrons, who have become like family now, for all the support and love that has been showered upon us! :)



Our value system is something we hold very dear to us, this was imbibed even before we started :

The first & foremost of our principles was

- Honesty : Truth and integrity was something that was seeded into us by our family since our birth and this was one of the topmost ideologies we wanted to build this brand upon. It is something that is extremely important to us, whatever we say, we do, what we show, we are, with regards to everything, the best quality ingredients, hygiene, cleanliness, everything.

- Consistency : We are and we want to be very consistent with what we do and what we provide, that is the service, the food, the quality, the experience. Everything.

- Warmth : Being from a Punjabi Family, warmth and hospitality is something that runs in our blood. We always wanted to build a place where our guests felt at home, where they could sit comfortably for hours over a cup of coffee, without being judged. For us, what is even hospitality, without warmth?

- Excellent customer service : Our guests are the soul of Brown's, without them and then our team, we are nothing, and thus they come foremost over everything, and thus, a very simple motto that we swear by "The customer's always right" & it's a full-stop beyond that.

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Our Products are our real heroes.

Our pure & honest Bakery portfolio includes : 

100% Pure Wheat & Preservative free breads.

Pure Butter Cookies.

Pure Butter/Olive/Cotton seed oil Tea-Cakes.

Pure Couverture Chocolates

Fresh cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, eclairs & donuts


Our Cafe range includes : 

A Delicious menu comprising of Continental, Italian, Oriental & Lebanese food.

Fresh bean to cup coffees.

Fresh smoothies, coolers, teas and iced teas. 

We constantly keep researching, innovating and adding items to our product portfolio.


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